The truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family.

The Green American Issue 82.  The January/February 2011 issue featuring the dangers of prolonged cell phone usage and ways to protect yourself.

Position Paper on Electromagnetic Radiation in a School Environment. One of the most useful documents in discussing cell phone radiation is this English translation from an Israeli government tri-ministerial report (Labor, Environment and Health) that explains why the Israelis are re-examining wifi and cell phone policies in schools.

Non-thermal effects and mechanisms of interaction between electromagnetic fields and living matter. This paper, written by the world’s top experts in brain modeling and microwave radiation exposure to the brain (several of whom have worked for industry), shows that on average a child’s brain will absorb about twice as much microwave radiation from a cell phone as does an adult.  Yet, all cell phones today are tested in terms of a very large adult male– who falls at the top 3% of all U.S. men.

Indications of possible brain-tumor risk in mobile-phone studies. When making the case for precaution in the use of cell phones at this time, this recent peer-reviewed publication from WHO leaders of the Interphone study makes the case eloquently that children should be protected.

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern. This report provides information on scientific findings from studies on the risk of brain tumors from cellphone use. It includes studies independent of industry funding as well as telecommunications industry funded studies. Further, it includes background information on the soon to be published Telecom-funded Interphone study.

A selection of 139 Scientific Papers. A partial list shows recent studies that found an effect from radio frequency electro-magnetic fields at or beow the power levels of mobile phones.

2009 EHT Washington Research Agenda. Resulting from the Washington DC Expert onference on Cell Phones and Health.