Friends with benefits that last

The Business Campaign for Safer Cell Phones is an initiative of companies who are committed to protecting employee health and agree to:

  • Promote cell phone safety by distributing Environmental Health Trust information
  • Provide headsets to all employees who use phones for business
  • Sponsor Environmental Health Trust
  • Create their own programs to promote cell phone safety

Did you know Al Velshi from CNN Money recently called on the cell phone companies to “come clean” regarding cell phone radiation dangers? Click here to view that video. New studies are showing that microwave radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices can have important biological impact on the health and happiness of our employees and families. Ali Velshi also interviewed Dr. Devra Davis on his show. Click here to view that interview.

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EHT provides clear concise information about how you can protect yourself and your family and continue to use phones safely. Your organization has a right to know, and we can help. Our benefits are guaranteed to enlighten, educate and even entertain.

These benefits include:

For $100 to $1,000 you go BRONZE and receive the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to raise awareness about a global environmental health hazard. You will receive our BRONZE BENEFITS:

RECEIVE full-color handouts with your logo next to our checklist “How To Protect Your Family.”

RECEIVE digital files (pdf) for self-printing additional quantities of the above items for ongoing opportunities to keep your name right alongside top names.

RECEIVE automatic notification of new open access digital files as they become available.

RECEIVE topical media and academic updates via Environmental Health Trust’s e-blasts.


For $1,100 to $5,000 go SILVER and RECEIVE

All BRONZE benefits PLUS:

RECEIVE one more Cell Phone Safety Sticker and/or magnet for each dollar of your support (total 2 per $).

CHOOSE your favorite EHT postcard-size checklist handout with your identity in colored text or logo, and receive one handout per dollar contributed.

LISTING of your name/company as a Silver Business Member on EHT’s website for one year.

SELECT an audience (e.g. clients, staff, network, teachers, students, community event, etc.) and provide a venue—subject to prior bookings and any travel arrangements, an EHT associate will provide a Skype-based 1-hour Safer Phone Zone interactive learning session (includes seminar, visuals if equipment is available, Q&A, and handouts).

ANNOUNCEMENT of your new membership and contribution category in EHT’s e-newsletter (local, state, national, and international readership).


For $5,100 to $9,900 you go GOLD and RECEIVE

All BRONZE and SILVER benefits PLUS:

RECEIVE another Cell Phone Safety Sticker and/or Magnet for each dollar of your support (total 3 per $).

RECEIVE an extra 1,000 full-color EHT postcard-size or informational handouts with your identity—your choice of EHT postcard-size checklist or Doctors’ Advice To Patients series

LISTING as a Gold Business Member on EHT’s website with your full-color logo and weblink.

ANNOUNCEMENT of your new membership in the EHT e-newsletter includes a paragraph about your company and why you support the Safer Phone Zone campaign.


Friends contributing OVER $10,000 are PLATINUM

All BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD benefits PLUS:

YOUR COMPANY NAME/LOGO/LINK flashed (in rotation) on EHT’s homepage and the Safer Phone Zone homepage for one year.

STRATEGY consultation with EHT associates to identify you in numerous sponsorship opportunities with various audiences important to you.

PRESS RELEASE by EHT to local and national media to announce your involvement and how your strong support of the Safer Phone Zone campaign enhances the health and well-being of all communities in such a vital way. Dr. Davis will be available for media interviews to explain your pivotal role.


For $25,000 you receive A DAY WITH DR. DAVIS

All above benefits plus a FULL DAY SEMINAR featuring Dr. Davis in person, as well as Skype access to some of the world’s leading experts.

Help us help you, your employees and your families. Cell phone use is projected to rise ten-fold as more applications come online every day. Devising safer ways to use these important devices will ultimately reduce your healthcare costs for your employees.



Bronze Members:

Sustainable Mobile
Knobe’s Radio
Dynamic Custom Homes
JH Weekly
Horizon Pictures


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Platinum Members:

Lundy & Lundy,



Companies that have joined us:

Sustainable Mobile
Knobe’s Radio
Blue Spruce Cleaners |
Diana Joy AlterEgo

Dynamic Custom Homes |
Elevated Grounds Coffee
Horizon Pictures
Jackson Pediatrics
Jackson Whole Grocer |
JH Weekly |
Lotus Cafe
Mayor’s Office of Jackson Hole
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Sunlight Design | 307-690-6696 |
Teton Literacy Program |
Teton Science Schools |
Teton Wellness Institute |
Thal Glass Studio |

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